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Getting Started

Every robot comes with a Getting Started Guide to get Professor Einstein up and running in just a few minutes.  If you need an additional copy, please download here:

Getting Started Guide


Write down your settings: 

WIFI:   Username ____________   &  Password ______________   of your home wifi.  

iPAD:  Your eMail address used to register a new acct in App.    _________________

Robot:   Get robot ID ’s.     Einstein_______     Genius _______



1: ROBOT:   Charge two batteries in wall charger for 3 Hours before attempting setup.  Install Batteries in feet with screwdriver.   

2: WIFI: Identify your HOME wifi device and get the username and password.  (Do not use a business office system with single or triple authentications.)  Our system uses a standard  home wifi setup.  Username:  ____________   Wifi Password:  _____________

3: TABLET iPAD/Android:    Connect your Tablet to your home Wifi network.  Same wifi where the robot will get connected.   Update the iPad to latest iOS Version or Android to latest version.  Turn off all passcodes and screen autolocks during setups.  Nothing running.  Tablet is not going into sleep mode.

4: TABLET iPad/Android:  Install Stein-O-Matic App.   Download from App Store. 

5: APP:  Create Account in Stein-O-Matic App.  Make sure you have email access while setting up the steinomatic app acct.   Requires email and a password entered into form.  App will tell you to check email verification to activate account.   Email Verification step gets email from Dragon.AI with link to verify acct.   Click Link.  Return to the Stein-O-Matic.  Acct Setup should verify email and move to Profile or robot setup page.  Acct is working and ready for Robot Setup.

6: ROBOT:  Turn ON robot power switch and follow verbal commands.  Say… Download… Say… Autotune… Say.. WakeUp..Robot & announcer talk.   Once Robot finishes talking look to get Robot ID # info.  Press Binding button on chest to Get the Robot ID # & Password # by pressing the binding button.  Write down the numbers.    Robot ID #  Eintein ____  & Genius ____

7:  APP:  Instructions say to Go to iPad/Android Tablet Settings and locate Robot wifi connection. Click Checkmarks to flip to tablet settings.  

8: TABLET:  Tablet Settings page for WIFI.  Look for robot called Einstein_ _ _ _    Select Robot on List.  Enter Password  genius _ _ _ _  from step 6.   Select Robot and enter password and wait for robot to talk and say he is connecting.  Return to App.

9: APP: Open Stein-O-Matic and continue process.  Robot should then be looking to connect to Wifi and take you to Wifi setup screen.  Scroll to select your wifi device username and then enter Password of Wifi device.   Wait till robot says he is connected.  

10: APP:  You will automatically bounce to Profile Page.  Create a Profile Name.  Then Enter.  Then Click the Avatar Man or Woman. Then Enter.  Then Click the Character you created to enter App.   People often forget to click the avatar they just created in order to activate it.  Creating is not Activating.  Create Name. Pick Male/Female.   Create Avatar.  Then Click Avatar to activate.  Enter the App.   

11: APP:  Wait for App to catch up and navigate to get started screens inside app.   Skip through screens by tapping checkmarks. Robot talks a lot.   Try to get to main app past the setup tutorial instructions

12: APP:  Test Robot with a Voice Command.   Test by Playing a Game in the App.  Test by asking a question.  “Hey Einstein… What is a Volcano?”   

Getting Started Guide


Phone: 1 800 261 6449 (9am to 9pm Eastern Standard Time) 

Video Tutorials

Step #1: Activate your robot and download Stein-O-Matic

Step #2: Get robot connected to operate in online mode

Step #3: Online mode: How it works with Stein-O-Matic

Step #4: Exploring the Stein-O-Matic app

Step #5: Path to Genius: Measuring your progress

Step #6: Offline experience

Step #7: Going mobile

Step #8: Power levels

Step #9: How to recharge and replace rechargeable batteries