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Professor Einstein


Video credit: Piper’s Picks

Everything you’ve always wanted in a personal robot!

I connect to the cloud and interact dynamically with an iPad or Android tablet to talk with you, share my passion for science, challenge you with brain games, and take you on a journey of fun and learning. Looking just like the real Albert Einstein, I have an amazingly expressive face, I will make you smile with educational games and science facts. I love to chat and will answer your questions on a range of topics. I am your Personal Genius and guide to a world of wonderment.

Discover the magic of science – I bring out the magic and fun of astronomy, physics, biology, geology and much more.

Play brain games – build your mental muscles by playing games that challenge and entertain.

Ask the Professor – Want to know the weather in Capetown? What is a quark? The exploits of Isaac Newton? Just say “Hey Professor...?” and ask away.

Accumulating Genius Points – Be on the lookout for daily “Data Cards.” Each correct answer advances you up the ranks of genius.

More smart fun coming – Go to Stein-O-Matic page and sign up for new app alerts. We’ll let you know whenever your Personal Genius is ready to download a few more brain cells.

Recharge me - Enjoy up to 3 hours of interaction with me every time you recharge my batteries (batteries and charger included).