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Professor Einstein


Initial Setup and Connection

I turned on my Einstein robot, heard a conversation and now nothing is happening. What do I do next?

A1: When you turn your Einstein robot on for the first time you will be greeted by a friendly Tech Support voice who will help you get the professor up and running. At the end of this short sequence, Tech Support suggests that you download and run a special App called the Stein-O-Matic. You can choose to download and activate the Stein-O-Matic immediately, or talk to Einstein first.

A2: If you ever miss what Einstein said, just say, “Repeat” and he’ll say it again.

Einstein asked me if I want to chat or go online. What do I do now?

A: Einstein is a genius and his brain needs constant stimulation. What can be more stimulating than another brilliant mind? When Einstein is offline he’ll want to chat or play simple offline activities. Try these!
- You could chat with Einstein by saying “Let’s Chat.”
- You could get Einstein online by saying “Go Online.”
- Or you can ask him some personal questions by saying “Hey Professor…”, then asking him, “How are you?”

What is an Einstein Account and how do I create one?

A: Your Einstein Account stores all the progress you make with each Genius Profile created in the Stein-O-Matic. This includes which Data Cards and Videos you’ve unlocked, your Genius level, how many IQ stars and Coins you’ve collected…even which robot is associated with your Genius Profile.

You create your Einstein Account when you launch the Stein-O-Matic for the first time. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Stein-O-Matic App (for the first time)
2. On the Sign in screen, touch the Create New Account Button.
3. Provide a valid email
4. Provide and confirm a new password (must be at least 6 characters.)
5. Touch the ‘checkmark’ button

The Online Experience

The Stein-O-Matic

The Offline Experience

Going Mobile

Maintaining Einstein

Interacting with Einstein