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Professor Einstein

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The Professor Einstein™ Robot is a wonderful science teaching tool.  The team at Hanson Robotics wants more students to learn robotics & AI principals of coding and development.   We have a partner program that allows the robot and the coding lab tools to be bundled into a STEM and CODING Kit for classrooms and summer camps.   

Hanson Robotics is offering a program for direct sales organizations and specialists that deliver school supplies and learning programs to students. The program allows the school program manager or teacher to purchase the robotic kits and products directly from Hanson Robotics for their classrooms or summer programs.   The Affiliate manager can also mark-up the product to earn a revenue stream to fund their programs.

Please sign up below to join the Education Affiliate Program and deliver science and learning to students and teachers in your area. 

Einstein was an inspiring person of quality and grace.  We look forward to your adventure working with us as we continue his lessons and vision for everyone. 








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Hanson Robotics develops the world’s most humanlike robots, endowed with remarkable expressiveness, impeccable aesthetics, and incredible interactivity. The company and its founder, Dr. David Hanson, have built a worldwide reputation for creating robots that look and act genuinely alive, producing many renowned and one-of-a-kind “digital personalities” that have garnered massive media attention and public acclaim.

The company’s long-term mission is to dramatically improve people’s everyday lives with highly intelligent robots that teach, serve, entertain, and provide comforting companionship.

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